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All-round system guarantee, six-star production environment, escort for high quality


The function has been fully upgraded, and the four major pain points of glass bottle chemical stability, temperature resistance, mechanical strength and high transparency have been successfully solved.

Customer Service Online

Customer Service Online

Enthusiastic and dedicated service to every customer, long customer service online time, solve your troubles instantly.

After-sales service

After-sales service

After-sales is not the end of cooperation, but the beginning of our good cooperation.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance, with strict requirements to ensure excellent quality.

professional team

professional team

Have a strong cohesive team to meet your product needs and escort your products.


The pursuit of excellence is our unremitting pursuit, based on the industry, consistent


Nanjing FET International Trading Co., Ltd.

Nanjing FET international trading Co.,Ltd, is an stylish kitchen utensils Industry&Trade company in China. FET was founded in 2017, and our own factory established in 1999. Our main product is salt and pepper mills, high quality condiment set , etc. We have been a dome...



Always pay attention to the latest developments in the industry and keep pace with the times

Operation of ceramic core pepper grinder [Video] description

Operation of ceramic core pepper g

The operation video of the ceramic core pepper grinder details the use method, operation steps and skills of the grinder. You can choose fin

304 stainless steel pepper grinder [Video] test

304 stainless steel pepper grinder

304 stainless steel pepper grinder test video details pepper grinder instructions, operating skills, precautions, grinding results show.

Stainless steel Pepper grinder using video tutorial

Stainless steel Pepper grinder usi

Stainless steel Pepper grinder using video tutorial


Walking with the strong, mutual benefit and common development

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